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welcome at schiffsbibliothek.de | shiplibrary.de!

as a firm, based in Cologne on the Rhine/Germany, we have been supplying
international river cruising companies for years. River vessels are outfitted
with books related to the itinerary on European rivers. The use of the onboard
ship library allows your guests literary and cultural immersion in the journey.
Through the journey in the head, the opportunity is given to get to know the
local color of foreign cities, countries and culture. If you, as a passenger, want
to learn a little more background, you will find interesting information at the
library or something entertaining to read and talk about.

Schiffsbibliothek.de has a lengthy experience in research on appropriate
book-titles. Find out more details under the rubrics "Product" and "Topics".

Contact us and we gladly inform you about prices or amounts of books,
references, or any other question you may have.

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