From our experience we set the amount, also a little depending on the length of
the itinerary, with about 200-230 different book-titles per ship.
These take the place of a medium-sized book shelf. The library contains hardcover
books and paperbacks. All titles can be in English, except for a few that are written
bilingual (German/English). These are acquired if nothing comparable is available
in pure English. About 25% of the books are not new, yet in very good used
condition. These special books, mostly hardcovers, are no longer available as mint
ones, but that does not mean that they are cheap looking. They rather represent
high quality, not only with regard to contents, but also often from their external
The books can function as bedtime lecture or else e.g. be suitable as a companion
during a break on the sundeck. In general, care should be taken to ensure that
the reading time is not too long.
That´s the reason why we also include coffee table
books with photographs, short stories or quick travel information. Who wants to
take more time, will also find literature for a more profound look.
For example a
few classics of the literary national cultural heritage of the countries , as well as
biographies of national sizes, e.g. classical composers or the Habsburgs (Danube).

Gladly we take care of logistical solutions & handling. Well-priced and secure
delivery is assured.
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