The onboard library provides topics out of culture, history & art of countries,
cities & regions. Of course guests will find current country and city guides, but
also historical travel literature. There are photo books about the rivers with
informational reading, wildlife or other entertaining titles e.g. about design,
architecture, photography, etc. in relation to countries and cities visited.
Culinary books about the cuisine on site with local recipes, books about wines
or regional grape varieties also occupy an
important place.
Many well-known writers created their works in the cities to be called. We have
researched numerous books by such authors over the years. These may be novels
or thrillers whose actions are played locally. In addition to suspense, you will also
get a portion of applied geography.
Even internationally renowned authors have written bestseller fiction, which inter
alia, captures the mood and mentality on the ground. Traveling and reading are
interlinked and create a nice added value.

Of course your ideas, could also be an important factor to determine how
the whole
range of books will look like.

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